13 December 2011

Christmas Cards

Christmas cards!!  As always the exchange of cards is an absolute delight; we love the anticipation, the excitement and element of surprise.  Every year is different, every card is different but that is the beauty of being part of a creative group!  Happy Christmas!!

3 December 2011

Looking Back Over 2011

2011 has been an eventful year for Cheshire Textiles.  We have had two very successful exhibitions, one at Jobling Gowler in Macclesfield and the second at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery.  Not only have we made sales but we have received some very positive and encouraging comments and in both cases have been invited back!
On a different note we were sorry to hear Jenny Legge wanted to move on from the Group and pursue other interests.  After 23 years of being an active member it was a difficult decision for her to make but we will keep in touch and she is included in our Christmas celebrations!  Maureen and Jenny, almost original members have very much helped shape the Group, they will be missed!

We welcome two new members, Sue Dunbar and Shirley Coleman; they  have been with us a little while and are making an excellent contribution to the Group. We are looking forward to our Christmas party and 2012!!