20 July 2011

Art in Action - first visit!

Getting quite excited, only one day left until my very first visit to Art in Action.  I know lots of people who have been before and it comes highly recommended!

Established in 1977, (I was only 11 years old then!) the four day event continues to grow in success.  Hosted by Waterpenny House, near Oxford, I hear it is very well run, well attended and has an amazing atmosphere.
This year it starts Thursday 21st July and continues until Sunday 24th July.

The programme looks stunning with over 170 artists from various disciplines, demonstrating their skills and over 100 artists/designers/makers selling their work in the market.  Then there is the house and gardens, a variety of live music and dance performances, story telling etc........  I know one day will not be long enough!!

I'm particulalry looking forward to seeing textile artists Dionne Swift, Roanna Wells and Pat Hodson as well as the installation by Rebecca Glover, glass by Rachel Welford and Paperworks/books by Sarah Morpeth.
Oh and not forgetting the artist who gave me my very first job - David Firmstone!

My mouth is watering with the thought of so much creativity in one place!

If you are going too .......ENJOY !!                Bridget

16 July 2011

Bees in Manchester

The flowers in my garden have been beautiful this year, probably all down to the warm spring.  Unfortunately many have been battered this weekend with the heavy showers but it was good to look back over my photographs and remember the tall fox gloves and the heavy headed pink poppies that spread like weeds but create a wonderful splash of colour.  Great plants for attracting the bees.

I discovered yesterday that simple gold coloured linear images of bees are scattered around Manchester and are apparently a symbol of the city that was adopted during the Industrial Revolution.  It was during a guided walk that I had joined to look at the magnificent architecture, when I kept coming across the symbol on small black posts used to direct and protect pedestrians.

The bee denotes Mancunians hard work during the Industrial Revolution and how Manchester was a 'hive' of activity during this period! 
How many times do we walk with a purpose, head down, on a mission and miss so much?  The walk was part of  Manchester's Festival and it certainly helped open my eyes to what is above my head!  Jen