4 September 2014

project 3 DRAWING

Project 3 Drawing

Sue, Elizabeth and Jean

The 3rd challenge was a drawing project based on Little Moreton Hall where we had spent a very enjoyable sunny day sketching, taking photographs and absorbing the beautiful building.  I set the challenge to encourage further investigation and possibly new ways of thinking. One drawing was to be monotone, the second a change of scale and the third to was to use non typical drawing materials and avoid a paper background.  

As with all the challenges we have done, it was a delight to see the results and how we had all explored the subject in our own way.  Sometimes we need to be pushed out of our comfort zones and encouraged to challenge ourselves. 

Bridget, Shirley, Shosh and Grazyna

It was a good challenge, everyone enjoyed it and hopefully some of the ideas will be carried further.
Sue has set the next one called 'Construction' .......now what can be done with the collection of items in the plastic wallet???  Jen