21 February 2016

Antique Textile Fair

Please come and visit Cheshire Textiles 
at the Antique Textiles Fair on March 6th.

Our stand will be upstairs where you can see some of our more recent pieces and have the opportunity to talk to us about our work and the group.  

We are always pleased to meet new people and share our passion for textiles.

9 February 2016

Workshop and Antique Textile Fair

It is very easy to get 'stuck' creating the sort of work you feel very comfortable with, never wanting to take a risk or try something different.  Often it is the pressures of day to day living that make it an easier option or it could be that you have become slightly stale and you need a bit of external input; someone who will encourage you to look at things from a different angle.  With this in mind we asked Sally Payne to join us for a workshop.  Sally is fantastic, full of ideas and inspiration, introducing new techniques and encouraging an experimental approach.  We have chosen the title 'Degrees of Separation', looking at the elements of composition.  

The workshop will be in a couple of weeks but in the meantime we have been asked to gather photographs and drawings.  The two images above were my starting points, when we last did a workshop with Sally and from it I developed a whole body of work! 

We have also got the Antique Textile Fair to look forward to on the 6th March at the Armitage Centre in Manchester.  Please make a note and come and visit our stand.