31 May 2011

Cloud Nylon: The Jewellery of Nora Fok

Several members have been over to Ruthin Craft Centre to see this fabulous exhibition showing the intricate work of Nora Fok.  Her wearable, sculptural pieces have all been handcrafted from nylon microfilament using techniques like knitting, weaving, knotting, tying and plaiting.  The exhibition is beautifully presented and backed up with samples and details of how the work is created.  It also gives an insight into Nora's early life, showing what can be achieved with perserverance and determination.

Sadly I can't include any images but it is worth checking out Nora's website or Geraldine Curtis's images on Flikr.com.  As a Harley Gallery touring exhibition it will soon be moving on from Ruthin - closes 4th June but it is back in the northwest later in the year at the Touchstone Gallery.  Well worth a visit!   Jen

24 May 2011

Inspiration in Cornwall

On the theme of ideas I've just returned from a few days in the Penwith district of Cornwall.  I had hoped to find a few beachcombings to add to my store of 'found objects' but all accessible beaches seem to be kept very clean and tidy!   However, there is inspiration everywhere as my two images of Newlyn junkyard show!

The current exhibitions at the Tate St Ives didn't appeal but we found a wonderful Open Art Exhibition at the St Ives Society of Artists Gallery; http://www.stisa.co.uk/ including a textile piece by Sue Dove.  I spent a happy weekend at Sue's doll making workshop at the Jinney Ring Centre in 2001.  Now back to work, refreshed!!



21 May 2011


In response to our current exhibition at Jobling Gowler's in Macclesfield, a friend asked where do you all get your ideas from?   Good question, where do creative people find inspiration and how is the inspiration then turned into a piece of work?

 In 2003 I was lucky enough to hear Alexander McQueen talk about his work at the British Museum and this was one of the questions put to him.  His reply was that inspiration is all around us and ideas can come from something as simple as an image or as complex as an event but they must be allowed to evolve. He actually likened it to a 'cake mixture' when ingredients are gathered together and as one idea fuels another, the cake rises!  McQueen is very much in the news again with Kate Middleton's wedding dress and his retrospective 'Savage Beauty' at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, which has received amazing reviews.  Hope it will travel across the water, it would be an exhibition not to be missed!!

Rocks, coastlines and erosion are my source of inspiration at the moment and where better to be inspired but our own country!    A camera is a useful tool when time is limited - these two images were taken in Llandudno.    Jen

14 May 2011


Went over to Macclesfield yesterday to see how our exhibition at Jobling Gowler's is getting on and to pick up any useful feedback.  Some lovely comments in the visitors book, the exhibition is obviously bringing a lot of pleasure to those who see it.  Usually we exhibit in fairly large gallery spaces but Joblings is a working office with a big reception area and several small consulting rooms which creates a more intimate environment.  This setting enables the viewer to look more closely at the work and imagine it in their own home, as the above image of Jean's machined embroidered piece shows. 

The exhibition closes on June 10th so please go along and be inspired or just enjoy but don't forget to sign the visitors book!

4 May 2011

Business Meeting

A very busy couple of weeks with Easter, Bank Holidays, The Royal Wedding and of course the lovely sunshine. So many enjoyable distractions but our business meeting soon brought us back into 'work mode'!

It made us proud to discuss the reaction we have received towards our exhibition 'Threads Together' at Jobling-Gowler in Macclesfield but as Jenny concluded 'No time to rest on our laurels'! And we certainly haven't. Our next exhibition is coming up fast. It is in Buxton at the Museum and Art Gallery, 10th September - 12th November 2011.

September seems like months away, the end of the summer but as with all exhibitions full details of what will be included in the exhibiton has to be handed to the gallery well in advance. In fact the image for the exhibition publicity was selected at the end of January. I have included Grazyna's image, part of which was chosen to go into the 'What's On' brochure. Follow the link and see the image in situ.