16 April 2013

The work of Dianne Barratt

Dianne Barratt

It is always interesting to hear creative people talk about their practice but we were particularly interested to hear how Dianne had swapped the flexibility of stitch and fabric for the hard and rather unforgiving material -wood. When Dianne was a member of Cheshire Textiles she used the techniques of  quilting and applique to depict cartoon like characters, always with an underlying humorous message. 

It has taken many, many hours to learn her new skill of wood turning and carving and as with Dianne's textiles, her attention to detail and presentation is a pleasure to see. The top image illustrates her wit and humour, central to everything she makes, whatever the material. 

It was a privilege to see and touch the beautiful, tactile pieces and marvel at the wonderful set of hand tools she uses.  Thank you Dianne, it was lovely to see your work.

1 April 2013

Margaret Marsden

Margaret Marsden

It has been a few weeks since the last entry on our blog and the exhibition at Jobling Gowler has now finished.  It was a very special exhibition for all of us in Cheshire Textiles because we sadly learnt of the death of Margaret Marsden only days before it began.  As a tribute to Margaret we agreed to donate a percentage of all our sales to St Lukes (Cheshire) Hospice.

Margaret will be dearly missed; she was a valued member of the group from the very early days, always playing an active role and sharing the responsibilities.  Her work showed an understanding and love of stitch, always full of energy and colour, as the images show.  Jean was a vey close friend of Margaret's and has written a lovely tribute to her on our website.   Jen