22 October 2014

Elizabeth's Workshop with Anuck Naumann

North Yorkshire was a wonderful setting for the three day workshop with Polish artist Anuck Naumann.  Starting with an A2 piece of white cartridge paper the students were encouraged to 'play' with a variety of art materials like water based inks, matt medium, bleach and the use of found objects for mark making.  These are all materials we know and have used but sometimes we need to use them in a free way to be reminded of their full potential.

The lively patterned papers were folded and cut into the most beautiful little books which encouraged further working into with collage and oil pastels.  The second project was to apply the knowledge and skills to a 'painting' and to introduce acrylic paint.  Developing the ideas further with layers of texture, colour and peeling back (tonking I hear is the correct terminology!) Elizabeth's expertise and love of textiles shone through.  

It was a real treat to hear Elizabeth's detailed talk about the workshop and see her beautiful samples.  She inspired us so much we wanted to rush home and get out our art materials! Three days is very exhausting but to have this time to totally devote to art with no interruption must have been absolute luxury!  Thank you Elizabeth.                                                                                                 Jen