31 May 2016

Pauline Burbidge exhibition

23rd April - 10th July 2016

Another fabulous exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre and the cafe has reopened too!  Pauline Burbidge's 16 quilts, inspired by the rural landscape, show her passion for cloth, stitching and making.  She shares some of her processes with samples, videos, sketchbooks and a display of her materials which is always of interest to fellow stitchers!  The quilts are big and appear at first glance simple in their design but on closer inspection they are full of unexpected elements.  The mark making achieved with various techniques creates movement and drama making them beautiful pieces of art.

A technique new for Pauline is her use of cyanotype printing adding strong blue element to her monotone black and white.  This exhibition will not fail to delight, there is so much to absorb and enjoy.

Must mention Anna Noel's clay animals in the adjacent gallery, they bring a smile and an admiration of someone absolutely at the top of her craft.  
A good day out and in May the Welsh country side is peppered with wild flowers!   Jen

3 May 2016

Poetry Project

As mentioned in earlier blog entries we occasionally set ourselves small projects to encourage creativity and thinking outside the box.  The intention is not to create beautiful finished pieces but they could become a starting point for further investigation.  Our latest project set by Shosh was centred around a piece of poetry of our choice, which included a Japanese Haikus poem, 'Whiter than Stone', a Leonard Cohen poem/song, 'Suzanne ' as well as one of Shelley's and Mary Elizabeth Frye, 1932 'Don't Stand by my Grave and Weep' Bridget created her own series of words based on "processing the Void'.

The images show a few of our results which celebrate our diversity. It will be interesting to see if any of the work is followed through into a main piece.                         Jen