20 March 2014

The Metre Piece Challenge

 There is nothing like a challenge to take you out of your comfort zone and get the creative juices flowing,
Back in Spetember Grazyna presented each of us with a beautifully rolled square metre of linen fabric. Attached was a hand written label bearing our name and two simple instructions, 'All the fabric to be used' and 'Stitching to be used'.

Bombarded with thoughts and ideas, strangely the rolls remained tied ......linen can be a difficult fabric to work with, a metre square is  an intimidating size for those who like to work small and the off white colour is like a blank canvas .....where do we start?

Using the offcuts, we experimented and sampled guided by intuition and experience.  Confidence was not high and many a moan and groan could be heard.

Mid March and all was revealed ....what a fabulous surprise.  The metre pieces of linen had been transformed into a delightful mix of hangings and 3D.  Familiar traits could be seen but there were also explorations into new territory and a whole host of ideas for further development. 

 A copy of the magazine 'Selvedge' is the starting point for our next challenge put forward by Elizabeth.  I hope the outcome is as exciting as the 1st challenge.