29 August 2012

'Voices Plus' at Waterside Arts Centre, Sale

'Voices Plus' until 13th October
Waterside Arts Centre, Sale.

An exhibition from the International Quilt Art group, showcasing new work by members from the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark and USA.

The exhibition shows a wide range of work which really extends the boundaries of quilting.  Some pieces use more traditional techniques of quilting but extend these by using combinations of print, stitch and collage.  Others barely use quilting and incorporate applique layering and even paint to create textures and different surface qualities.

Content and scale vary from large, more heavily stitched hung pieces to a delicate 3D fan construction which lies in relief on a plinth.

A delightful variety of work of a high technical standard coupled with creative use of materials and ideas. 
Highly recommended.    Sue.

22 August 2012

Turner, Monet, Twombly

Exhibition at Liverpool Tate until 28th October 2012

This is an amazing exhibition which brings together the later works of three diverse painters from different eras which range from late 1700's to 2011.  It shows the work of Turner, Monet and Twombly, three pioneering artists who certainly in their time pushed the boundaries of painting.

The exhibition is divided into seven themes which show the similarities in which the artists, despite the periods they lived in, use colour, brush strokes, atmosphere and subject matter to create visual splendours.  The works vary in size and subject matter but are displayed in such a way as to create a dialogue where the three converse across the centuries.  Through the juxtaposition of their work the exhibition also aims to underline not only how modern Turner and Monet were but also how Twombly used many classical themes.

Visitors will see the usual Monet's Water Lilies and Turner's London scenes but trhey will be looking at them in a different way and in a different context.

Do go to Liverpool and see the exhibition, it provides a new and very different experience. Sue.