18 September 2011

Trebah Garden

Trebah Garden, near Falmouth, Cornwall is the source of inspiration for Rowena Ardern's latest exhibition 'Natural Interioers'.  Working from her many drawings and photos Rowena has produced a series of lively and colourful designs for use on fabrics, furniture and ceramics.  Her collection can be seen at the Visitors Centre in Trebah Garden until 2nd October 2011. http://www.trebahgarden.co.uk/

Bit too far for me to travel to see Rowena's exhibition at the moment but I have seen some of the work during the making and it is indeed like a breath of fresh air.  She has a sensitive approach to drawing which is beautifully translated with stitch and colour showing a natural empathy with plant life.  Please leave a comment if you manage to see the exhibition.        Jen

To see further work by Rowena Ardern please follow the link to her website http://www.rowenaardern/.com

14 September 2011

New Exhibition!

Saturday was the opening of our latest exhibition 'Mark in Stitch' at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery.
Always an exciting occasion when we see the work displayed on the walls for the first time;  Martha and her team at Buxton have done well!

The gallery is a nice open space with good spotlighting ensuring that every piece can be seen properly; a necessity for textile enthusiasts who like to consider the materials and techniques each artist has used!  For variety of wall hung pieces, this exhibition will not disappoint.

 The image above gives a little taster of what is on view.  Sylvia's brightly coloured canvas worked with alpaca fleece describes the wonderful colours and experiences she enjoyed when visiting her daughter in New Zealand earlier this year.  From the left it leads onto Hilary's beautifully hand embroidered natural history images collected from around the world.  Next is Bridget's sensitive response in paper and stitch to loss and the relevance of objects when dealing with loss.  The space surrounding her manipulated paper hangings is an integral part of this piece offering quiet contemplation and reflection. On a lighter note Val's garments always bring a smile, full of anecdotes and images from the 1950's and 1960's; things we remember ourselves or from the stories we have heard.

There is much more to see, seven more artists work as well as more of both Sylvia's and Val's; it is well worth the visit and Buxton has plenty of coffee shops!!

Please follow the link for Buxton opening times, the exhibition is on until 12th November and we are having another Meet the Artist Day, Thursday 27th October 2-4pm.   Jen

7 September 2011

Preparing for 'Mark in Stitch'

September has arrived bringing strong winds and rain, whatever happened to summer?  Despite the lack of sunshine, yesterday was a pleasant journey across the Cat and Fiddle road over to Buxton, where our next exhibition begins on Saturday.  At this time of the year the purply heathers enhance the wonderful autumnal colours of the moorland.

Three cars were needed to transport the work and we were very grateful for the assistance Buxton gave us in unloading and taking it up the stairs into the gallery.  Members of Cheshire Textiles are brilliant at packaging with specially made calico bags and ingenious boxes for the unframed pieces.  As always it is exciting to reveal the finished work because in many cases we might share initial ideas and thoughts but much of the work is done in our own work place.

After delivering and unpacking, Buxton now has unenviable task of displaying it!  With their expertise I am sure they will do a lovely job.  We have included sketch books for the cabinets and artists books full of samples and text for the visitors to enjoy and understand a little of how we arrive at the finished pieces!

Please do visit the exhibition Mark in Stitch at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery.  It starts Saturday 10th September when some of Cheshire Textiles will be available for a chat between 2 and 4pm. 
Exhibition continues until Novemebr 12th.  Jen