21 December 2015

Christmas Lunch

To round off our lovely Christmas lunch at Cottons, Knutsford we each received a beautiful hand made card.  I use the word 'card' loosely because three of them were 3D!  The Christmas card exchange is a Cheshire Textile tradition and something we all enjoy both in the making and of course the receiving. Reading from the left to right the makers are Sue, Elizabeth, Jen, Bridget, Grazyna , Shosh and Jean at the front but of course the artists individual style can easily be identified.  

Have a very Happy Christmas!                                                                                   Jen

19 November 2015

Connections Project

We regularly set ourselves  short stimulating projects to encourage creativity  and generate more of a 'gut response'.  If you have been to The Waterside Gallery to see our latest exhibition 'Unravel', you will have seen several examples from some of the projects we have worked on throughout the year.  

The latest project 'Connections' proved to be a bit more challenging than first thought because everything has a connection and it was finding a starting point.  As always we had some lovely results, some of which can be seen in the image.  From left to right - Elizabeth, Bridget, Jean and Sue.                                                             Jen

14 November 2015

Last Week of 'UNRAVEL'

Last chance to see our latest exhibition 'UNRAVEL'

We are now into the last week of the exhibition, it closes on Saturday 21st November.

'Unravel' has been very warmly received, there are some lovely comments in the visitors book, thank you to everyone.   What really seems to have been appreciated are the artists books where we have given more insight into how we work and where the inspiration comes from.  Also the little samples on the wall which are available to touch.  

I must mention the 2nd gallery, where the animators Mackinnon and Saunders, those of Clangers, Bob the Builder, Mars Attack and Corpse Bride fame have a very interesting display showing how the puppets are designed and constructed.  

Please visit, parking is easy in the Q car park next door or the Metro Link across the road and perhaps have lunch in the Slug and Lettuce adjacent.                      Jen

6 October 2015

'Unravel' at Waterside Arts Gallery

Cheshire Textile's latest exhibition is up and running at 
The Waterside Gallery
3rd October - 21st November

Meet the Artists Days
10th October, 1.00pm - 4.00pm
  23rd October, 10.00am - 1.00pm

We are absolutely delighted with our latest exhibition, it looks very calm and polished with lots to look at.  A big thank you to Jenny Waterson who selected and organised the display of all the pieces.
We chose the title because we wanted to give an insight into how we work.  There is a full explanation on the wall in the gallery but we have included a handmade book created by each artist which you can read and enjoy.  Unusually in an exhibition we encourage you to touch the samples and  learn about the materials included in the exhibition.  There is a variety of 2D and 3D pieces both in and out of the cabinets.

Please visit the exhibition or better still, come and meet us on our special days .  Jen

18 September 2015

'Unravel' exhibition at The Waterside Arts Centre


Saturday 3rd October - Saturday 21st November 2015

Waterside Arts Centre
1 Waterside Plaza,
 M33 7ZF

tel: 0161 912 5093

15 July 2015

Looking Forward

'Love your interpretation of the Hall'
'Wonderful work - such a variety of responses to different aspects of the building'
'So inspirational, very imaginative'
'Thought provoking'
Beautiful work'

Just some of the lovely comments we received during our exhibition at Little Moreton Hall.  Sadly it has come to a close and all the work is packaged ready to be returned to the artists.  Thank you to all who visited us and for all the positive comments we received it does encourage us to keep going and prepare for the next venue.

Come and see us next time when we will be at the 
Waterside Gallery in Sale 
3rd October - 21st November 2015


27 June 2015

Little Moreton Hall

A glimpse of our 'No Straight Lines' exhibition which comes to a close on 12th July.  

   Little  Moreton Hall is a beautiful 16th Century building with lots of oak beams and panelling which proved to be quite a challenge when we started to hang the pieces.  Using the existing methods  of hanging, pieces were carefully selected to show empathy with the room. It was important not to over crowd the room with too many pieces which meant some work could not be included.  We are fortunate in that we have another exhibition in the Autumn at Waterside in Sale when hopefully these pieces can be seen.

The exhibition has received lots of positive comments and visitors have been very interested to see how the Hall has inspired contemporary textiles.  Please don't miss the opportunity of seeing our exhibition.                          Jen

9 May 2015

No Straight Lines

Not long now, setting up day is Monday.  It is always an exciting time when the work is finished and carefully packed into boxes or padded calico bags waiting to be transported to the venue.  We have had months of careful planning and working on our individual pieces but it is only when we actually see the work in its final position do we get a full sense of joy.

No doubt Monday will be exhausting but taking a sneak preview of some of the work I am sure we will be delighted with the overall effect.  If you are in the Congleton area please  come and see our exhibition but do check the National Trust website for opening times.

No Straight Lines runs from 13th May - 12th July 2015

13 March 2015

Next Exhibition!

Little Moreton Hall
13th May - 12th July

'No Straight Lines'

Spiral staircase, sloping floors and uneven walls, it is hard to find a straight line inside Little Moreton Hall;  the venue for our next exhibition in May.   The beautifully preserved National Trust, Tudor building influenced the type of work we have made for the exhibition.   Initially it was challenge to come out of the frame and to work with the space but as the creative process progressed we have become more and more excited and although the work isn't all complete yet it looks like it will be a very enjoyable exhibition.