22 March 2016

Sally Payne's Workshop

Sally Payne's Workshop, 'Degrees of Separation' was a lovely day of play!!  Sally is full of enthusiasm and energy and never fails to motivate; wish we had booked her for a full week! It is a complete indulgence to become fully absorbed in an art day, we all loved it.  The intention was to give us a starting point for further investigations which is why the images above are a little meaningless.
We started with three short warm up exercises that introduced us to the ideas of separating  and deconstructing images.  Moving onto our source material we pulled out shapes, surfaces and textures, with the help of collage, inks and graphite.  Building with layers of tracings and reworking areas, new ideas emerged.  
With Easter coming up  we haven't had the opportunity to get together since the workshop    but it will be interesting to see how the work develops.                            Jen