25 June 2011

MMU degree show

 Some seven years after completing my degree at Manchester Metropolitan University, I still get a pang of excitement when I enter the Cavendish Building.  I loved the whole experience, the journey, with all its' challenges and rewards. The journey was hard work and at times stressful, trying to meet deadlines and juggle family life too but it helped steer what was a life long passion into a something more worthwhile.  Stitch for me is no longer just about the technique, it has become a tool for expressing my thoughts and ideas. Paper has become my 'fabric'.

The 2011 Embroidery degree show has just finished and as always did not fail to delight.  Probably less stitch and less of the decorative than I have seen in past shows but non the worse for that.  When I was in my final year, we spent nine months working towards the final outcome and no it doesn't always come together in time!  The final show is only a snippet of what has gone before and hopefully the spring board for further creativity. I wish all the students well for the future.   Jen

19 June 2011


I've just had a few days in London catching up with family and of course taking in some of the major exhibitions but it isn't these I want to talk about.  It was one I stumbled across by accident when I was at the British Museum, 'Baskets and belonging: Indigenous Australian histories' which is on until early September and well worth a visit.  The museum is celebrating an Australian season and as well as baskets, there are Australian plants and lanscape in the forecourt and a selection of drawings and prints by Australian artists.

I love baskets, the careful selection and manipulation of fibres worked with great skill and dexterity to create a form that can be both functional and beautiful.  The ones displayed are all from the museum's collection, supported with text explaining something about their history.  Sadly no photography but I have included one of my own images from a beginners workshop I did last year in Alsager with Christine Redstone at the Redstone Centre.  Mine is on the right, the one looking like a bad hair day!  It was a fun weekend but I concluded to do it properly I would need a large studio with plenty of storage space for materials!!   Jen

12 June 2011

Moving On

It took three of us, an hour yesterday morning to take down the exhibition at Jobling-Gowlers and pack it all up.  Not that we didn't have many pieces to pack but it was more attributable to the system we use in Cheshire Textiles!  The wall pieces go into bubble wrap packaging or simple cotton bags and then into more substantial padded bags which all must be labelled with the artists name and name of the piece.  It is a bit nit picky but it is a system that works and it avoids being left with a tiny bit of bubble wrap far too small for the last bit of wrapping.  Our packaging is always greatly admired, wonder if it could be part of an exhibition one day!!

It has been a lovely exhibition in Macclesfield and as mentioned before it has received some fabulous coments which is always a boost.  We even had some sales!!  Replacing us is Jobling-Gowlers open competition 'Plains and Peaks' which begins next Friday at the start of Barnaby, Macclesfield's festival.

Next stop is Buxton Museum and Art Gallery 'Mark in Stitch' which begins 10th September and runs until 12th November.  We are producing some new work, watch this space and I will keep you updated with our progress.   Jen

1 June 2011

last opportunity!!

Our exhibition, 'Threads Together' currently at Jobling-Gowler in Macclesfield - follow the link for full address and details - is on its' final stretch!  The exhibition closes on June 10th.

I've included another image, this time of one of the cabinets which shows mainly Grazyna's vessels and Jenny's figures.  The vessels are fabric, some adorned with intricate pen and ink detail but at first glance it is easy to mistake them for ceramics.  Jenny's quirky figures make me smile, the ones shown here are brightly coloured and as always a lot of thought goes into choosing an appropriate and humorous title!

We haven't done touring exhibitions for some time but maybe Cheshire Textiles should consider this for the future.  A lot of work goes into each exhibition, pieces are carefully selected and it is a shame we can't share it with more people.          Jen